"The Senkaku Islands are in critical situation."
International Virtual Seminar, Jan.25 2021


Seminar: "The Security Environment in Western Pacific Waters"
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SSRI International Virtual Seminar , Jan. 25 2021

“The Situation in International Relations and Security Environment in East Asia and the Response of the International Community"

The security situation in the East Asia has been worsening seriously in this decade. Especially, the People’s Republic of China, PRC has been claiming the Senkaku Islands as its territory since 1970s, while Japan owns it as inherent territory under the effective control for a long time. The number of intrusion cases into the territorial and contiguous waters around the islands by vessels of the Chinese Coast Guard, CCG, are recorded maximum numbers of days in the last year. They are so frequent and aggressive that the Japanese Coast Guard should fully operate to respond its activities all the time.

The SSRI focuses on the PRC’s continuous challenges to change the status quo of the Senkaku Islands by force. The purpose of the seminar is to make the world aware more closely of the PRC’s maritime expansion and its coercive tactics of repetitive intrusion by the CCG vessels and fishery boats, and to discuss how the international community should respond it.
Seminar Digest (60min) on YouTube

Stimson Center, February 10, 2021

“The Security Environment in Western Pacific Waters"

The waters of the Western Pacific are the focus of intense interest for trade routes, for territorial disputes, and as ongoing case studies for international law. How do Japan and the United States approach the challenges of upholding international norms and the law of the seas in this important region? How can regional and global multilateral partnerships influence the security dynamics in these waters?

A distinguished think tank in Washington DC, the Stimson Center hold a webinar titled “the Security Environment in Western Pacific Waters” on February 10, 2021, inviting Japanese and U.S. experts on international law and security polity to explore these complex issues. Mr. Susumu Takai, President of SSRI, participated in the webinar as a panelist and expressed concern about China’s advances into the East China Sea, particularly around the Senkaku Islands. With a skilfull moderation by Ms. Yuki Tatsumi at the Stimson Center, the panelists discussed the perception on the maritime security issue in the U.S. Congress, how the Biden administration reassure allies and partners about its commitments in the region, implications of the China’s Coast Guard Law, and a concept of maritime peacekeeping force. Then the audiences were invited to submit questions and the panelists responded on various aspects.
Webinar Digest (1-2min)

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